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A decade of thinking
A chronological, spatial network of articles, books, ideas, and experiences that shaped me as a thinker – and influence be to become a left-wing political economist focused on Latin America
Sane white space
This White Space is part of an evolving research practice that forms the basis for Sane’s development. It sheds light on the thought processes behind our efforts to build meaningful tools for creating, collecting, and sharing knowledge online.
Ida's profile
Infopunk. Into pdfs, information systems that support intentional thinking, cyborgs, and the future of humanity. This thought space is an introduction to me and my work.
Garden / Notes
This is a growing, indeterminate garden for some of the things I’m reading, thinking about, and working on. It’s a happy mess of personal and professional influences, notes, things I find online, and concepts that stick to the back of my head.
Creativity is just connecting things
This is my digital safe space where I store all the things that remind me of who I am and what I like.
These are reading notes from introductory texts into the work of Jacques Lacan and his school of psychoanalytic theory. Introductions to both freudian and lacanian concepts, and connections of Lacan's body of work to other thinkers and fields of theory.
Reading Recommendations from Reverb
Discover topics covered on Reverb, with a list of reading recommendations from each guest.
A guide to building thought spaces
Some ideas, examples, and tips for building thought spaces.
@bruno lloret
Hispano-American Philhellenisms (1870-1955)
Ongoing research on the construction, function and meaning of Classical Antiquity and Ancient Greece for Hispano-American intellectuals and writers in the first half of the twentieth century.
@bruno lloret
Pedro Henríquez Ureña
Mapa sobre la obra de Pedro Henríquez Ureña, en particular la relación entre su helenofilía y su labor de crítica literaria y cultural.
@maddy teh
Maddy's Asian American Lit List
A repository of books detailing the Asian American experience, by Asian American authors.

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