Sane's mission is to make the pursuit of knowledge accessible to everyone.

The world has changed dramatically in the past years, with Covid just accelerating the already growing demand for access to information and the pursuit of knowledge as a form of individual expression.

The problem is that research, theory, and the general aggregation of ideas is often tucked away behind the walls of institutions, inaccessible to many of us. Whether it's because research papers are long, heavy pdfs hidden deep within university websites. Or because few people have time to read the full works of the thinkers they find fascinating. Or simply because there is no dedicated guide to discovering what one may be interested in the first place. Academia isn't designed with individual readers in mind, and that lack of accessibility is a loss for everyone.

This is why we're building Sane. Our purpose is to bridge this gap and make the ideas and research from the world's greatest thinkers available to all of us. Sane breaks down works from academia and beyond into digestible reading experiences that allow people learn and develop intentional thinking habits in a way that fits the limitations of our busy, modern lives.

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Read and understand research papers, theory, concepts, and ideas summarised into digestible key insights in just 10 minutes per day.
➋ Declutter
Forget about the infinite-scroll, or jumping from tab-to-tab. Sane creates personalised reading experiences to help you build a habit of intentional thinking.
➌ Reflect
Sane is your dedicated space for meditation on new ideas. Save highlights and notes to your personal library, and track your reading history and progress.
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Read daily summaries on:
★ New ecology
★ Artificial Intelligence
★ Future politics
★ Climate crisis
★ Transhumanism
★ Psychology
★ History of philosophy
★ Existential threats
★ Privacy
★ Governance
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The Good ancestor
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On The Future
Learning to die in the anthropocene
Post truth
This Changes everything
Our Final Hour: A scientist's warning
Nick Bostrom
Piper Murphy
Carlo Rovelli
Jeff Goodell
Paul Hawken
Alan Watts
Amina Khan
Heather Heying
Jennifer Nagel
Martin Rees
Roy Scranton
Alain de Botton
Roger Scruton
Ghosh Amitav
Rebecca Henderson
Jamie Susskind
Michel Foucault
Farrell Newman
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Sane is run by a young and persistently curious team obsessed with building information systems that support critical thinking.

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