In a reality where everything moves fast and hyper-productivity is the norm, most of us don’t have the time and space for the open exploration of new ideas. Reading has largely been swapped for scrolling and the discovery of new concepts through books has been replaced by offers generated by algorithms. What will the future look like when humanity’s collective attention span has already decreased by 25% in just a few years? Or when we are no longer able to make sense of the world due to a broken information ecology?

This is why we’re building Sane. Our mission is to raise the collective wisdom of humanity and work towards a future where more people find joy, comfort, and meaning in their lives through the pursuit of knowledge. We do this by helping people discover and connect ideas to have more aha moments. Those monumental seconds where something just clicks and your mind goes, ‘holy shit’. We are guided by the belief that learning is a process of connection, context, and intention.

Sane is launching in February. You can support our mission by signing up for the waitlist and checking out our podcast.

Engineering aha moments

Discover thinkers, connect ideas, and build your network of knowledge.

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★ New ecology
★ Artificial Intelligence
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★ Climate crisis
★ Transhumanism
★ Psychology
★ History of philosophy
★ Existential threats
★ Privacy
★ Governance
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Nick Bostrom
Piper Murphy
Carlo Rovelli
Jeff Goodell
Paul Hawken
Alan Watts
Amina Khan
Heather Heying
Jennifer Nagel
Martin Rees
Roy Scranton
Alain de Botton
Roger Scruton
Ghosh Amitav
Rebecca Henderson
Jamie Susskind
Michel Foucault
Farrell Newman
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Sane is run by a young and persistently curious team obsessed with building information systems that support critical thinking.

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