Welcome to Sane. Our universe of creativity, boundless self-expression, and heaps of knowledge!

We believe that in order to solve the world’s biggest challenges, we need to solve the foundational problems of how we can create enough collective wisdom to do so. The internet gives us a massive opportunity here. The last decade of social media has been about creating and uploading as much information as possible. The challenge now is to connect that information, and help people make sense of it all.

Sane’s mission is to build the future of how we discover, create, and share ideas online. More concretely, Sane is a social knowledge sharing platform powered by a spatial canvas. It's the easiest way to show people how you think and who you are — a little like an intellectual Tumblr, but from the future!

Our vision is to build a company that works with intention, diligence, and care to solve one of the most pertinent challenges facing society. We see technology as a means to an end — a tool in our belt where building a better internet means building a better world. We’re independent thinkers with a relentless curiosity for examining how different forces — across technology, creativity, and culture — are interacting and affecting one another in a perpetually changing environment.

Sane New World

Sane New World is a newsletter about how the future is being built, one (in)sane idea at a time. We also have a podcast, where we have conversations with thinkers and builders about ideas that shape the world.

Collective media

Sane with 14 other founders and companies launched Collective Media to redefine what it means to be social online. Follow us as we are building digital social spaces that unlock deeper connection, greater utility and freer play!

The shared principles of Collective Media

  • Building with our communities who are tired of big social and looking for a ‘new internet’ that they can shape into their own.
  • Building platforms for connection over niches, whether those niches be shared interests, questions, experiences or knowledge.
  • Building spaces that explore and celebrate all corners of who you are, recognizing that none of us are just one niche, one interest, or one label, we’re complex multi-dimensional individuals.
  • Reimagining what your social circle is - not just your IRL friends or the millions of strangers on a social app, but the many concentric circles in between.