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Join us in building an integrated web for discovering, creating, and sharing ideas.

Sane’s mission is to build the future of how we discover, create, and share ideas online. More concretely, Sane is a social knowledge sharing platform powered by a spatial canvas. It's the easiest way to show people how you think and who you are — a little like an intellectual Tumblr, but from the future!

About our Product
Sane is a place to discover new ideas, build digital gardens, and create meaningful connections. We’re bringing back early internet energy and re-inventing blogging with a futuristic twist to make room for self-expression and curiosity.

Sane combines the utility of personal knowledge management with the network effects of social media. In Sane, users build spaces to showcase any type of knowledge by writing notes, collecting references, and curating sources of inspiration.

Our aim is to facilitate the circulation of ideas and meaningful connections through powerful citation networks. We’re building a product that makes creativity and collaboration accessible to anyone by giving users creative freedom and intuitive, approachable tools for self expression.

We’re currently in private alpha. Our vision is to build a company that works with intention, diligence, and care to solve one of the most pertinent challenges facing society. We see technology as a means to an end — a tool in our belt where building a better internet means building a better world. We’re independent thinkers looking to build a multi-disciplinary team. We value people who are absolute masters in their craft, but are also willing to jump into new things, learn fast, and are always ready to reiterate and improve.

We’re a team of three currently working in Europe (Barcelona and Brussels) and the US (Austin). We’ll soon all be relocating to New York City, and are looking for teammates to join us in person in the city.

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Open positions
Founding Engineer
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Who you are
We are looking for a product-minded founding engineer (with real emphasis on engineer) who is truly curious about how we can build better ways to think, share ideas, and self-express on the Internet.

You're someone who takes the stability and performance of what you ship seriously, has ideas about tools for thought and interactive media more generally, are comfortable with talking at both the dreamy high level (where can we take the product?), as well as the gritty details (the bugs you’re dealing with).

You contribute to the vision of the product while having the humility to realize that not all of your ideas are going to be winners. You're creative, humble, can push back when pushback is needed, and realize that there are times to be none of those three.

You have experience in early startups and/or building and leading teams within bigger organisations. You learn quickly, communicate your decision-making and reasoning clearly.
What you’ll do
You will brainstorm and collaborate on product development strategies, and work closely with the whole team to build features with a focus on intuitive interactions and good engineering practice.

How you'll interact with us

  • Thomas (Founding Engineer, focus on backend) - Communicate and collaborate on engineering decisions, especially those involving the interface between the frontend and backend. Pair program when it's needed. Review each other's PRs.
  • Tiina (Chief Product Officer) - Contribute to strategic decisions related to UX and design implementation. This includes providing a technical point of view to building roadmap. Implement designs (we use Figma for rough prototyping) and iterate in code.
  • Ida (Chief Executive Officer) - Chat through strategy and high-level product roadmap in weekly product syncs and other team wide meetings to make sure product aligns with overall company goals.

What we’re hoping you bring

  • Ability to translate technical information and collaborate with a cross-functional team through clear communication around your processes and decision-making.
  • Enthusiasm towards our mission and the tools shaping the future of digital culture
  • A structured approach to development, documentation, and workflows.
  • Ability to work in fast-paced (but not unreasonable) environments where priorities shift quickly
  • Willingness to relocate to the Greater New York City Area in the near future. We can help pay moving expenses.

What we offer

  • A flexible hybrid role with the opportunity to build a company with category-defining ambition from its infancy.
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Competitive equity plan as a founding engineer
  • Opportunity to be a part of building a company that values the pursuit of health, balance, and clarity as much as it values getting shit done and moving fast.
  • Unlimited vacation + a company-wide holiday at the end of each year.